About Us

When you compare our services overall, you will discover that we provide a total service that demonstrates why our success rate remains so high. Our qualified team has 25 years of experience in carburettor rebuilding, diagnostics, emissions, and custom high-performance work. 

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Full workshop capabilities for repairing and overhauling carburettors. 

We can carry out on-car or off-car overhauls of carburettors, using a test facility which enables us to test run the carburettor on an engine equivalent to the size of the motor. 

We have experience with modern cars and vintage models. 

Our workshop also does fuel injection servicing, with an off-car test and repair bench for electronic fuel injectors. (We do not service diesel injectors).  

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About Carburettors

A carburetor was developed by Enrico Bernardi at the University of Padua in 1882, for his “Motrice Pia”, the first petrol combustion engine (one cylinder, 1,225 cc) prototyped on 5 August 1882.
A carburetor was among the early patents by Karl Benz as he developed internal combustion engines and their components.

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